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Intruduction of HVAC
Upload time:2011-4-13  Author:Harbin Air Conditioning Co., Ltd
    There is more than 30 year history for the manufacture of HVAC inHAC and many blanks had been filled by such products,HAC is thebirthplace of the first large scale air conditioning unit for power station,the first large scale evaporating and cooling type air handing unit, the first large scale evaporating type air conditioning unit and the first large scale nuclear class air handing unit etc in China.
    In1980's, HAC bagan to enter the field of air conditioning equipment for power station project and successfulhy completed the tasks of providing air conditioning equipments in urgent need for some major power station projects and succeeded in researching and manufacturing the first set JDK type air conditioning equipment for power station in 1995.
    In1990's,HAC made lots of technical research and developments, and provided complete of air conditionging equipment. for Chashima Nuclear Power Station in Pakistan and the Second phase of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Station,enter into this field successfully.
    So far, HAC has provided more than 6000 sets of air conditioning equipments and thousands of heating & ventilating produts. Sinse the beginning of 1980's,HAC has provided large quantities of air conditioning equipments for Shiheng Power Plant In Shandong Province,Wangting Power Plant in Jiangsu Province,Pingyu Power Plant in Anhui Province, Shajiao Power Plant in Guangdong province, Harbin Third Power Plant,Yimi Power Plant in Inner Mongolia and Jamshoro Power Plant in Pakistan.HAc's produts are also applied to the Second phase of Qinshan Nuclear Power Station,Chashima Nuclear Power Station in pakistan and Tianwan Nuclear Power Station.
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